"The only thing new in the world is the history you don't know"
- Harry S Truman

IB: EE & IA exemplars

These exemplars have been drawn from various internet sites - either by myself or some of my former students. If you are aware of any copyright or privacy issues please advise me and I will immediately delete them. Examiner comments or marked papers are available in some cases.

Extended Essay

Reflections of an Extended Essay Examiner - best to read first!

Sorry the others have been removed as subject to IBO copyright!

Internal Assessment (Historical Investigation)

IB History Coursework - The Internal Assessment Gallery of IST - - This page is host to History Internal assessments completed at IST from the first examination year of 2002 through to 2006. This section will hopefully inspire your own ideas and model the standards you should aim to achieve. They may not be perfect, but all cover interesting topics and a range of periods in history. All assignments achieved at least 15/20 and most scored more highly than this. A few achieved full marks.

And finally...

The best EE that was never written - Who would win a caged death wrestling match between Mao and Stalin? (details soon!)

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